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Fertility Clinic in Greece for International Patients

fertility clinic greece

During all the years when Assisting Nature, fertility clinic from Greece, has been operating, their fertility doctors and customer service staff have come to realise how difficult it is for foreign patients to trust a fertility clinic abroad that is thousands of miles away from their home. If you are considering IVF in Greece, keep on reading – this article is for you.

Assisting Nature understands IVF patients

International patients have to confront not only the emotional burden of infertility, but also the feeling of uncertainty regarding the efficiency of the fertility doctors in another country, the quality of the medical services provided, the matter of transparency and compliance with the local law and, last but not least, the efficacy of the IVF treatment. Therefore, Assisting Nature’s primary concern is to make sure that an international patient, like you, feels secure and assured that she has to do with professionals.

When a foreign patient chooses a fertility clinic from Greece, Assisting Nature, from the multitude of fertility centres worldwide, the doctors of the Greek clinic feel honoured and, at the same time, responsible to offer the best of the best of their medical services. Did you know that Assisting Nature has special procedures for international patients?

Assisting Nature in Greece, waiting room

What can I expect when I go for IVF in Greece?

Your journey to becoming a parent starts before you even set your foot in the clinic. Find out what you can expect.

  1. Initial contact via EggDonationFriends. When a foreign patient contacts the clinic through its profile, Assisting Nature’s coordinator makes initial contact with the patient, either by phone or e-mail. The coordinator introduces herself and gives the patient a brief outline of IVF in Greece.
  2. Patient medical history and expectations. Secondly, the coordinator collects as much information as she can, everything in discretion. Assisting Nature’s specialists take the psychological condition of the patient into account. Do not worry – every aspect of your health will be taken care of.
  3. Questions & answers. The coordinator helps clarify any issues and answer all questions the patient might have. Do not be afraid to ask – the clinic’s staff is ready to help. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:
  • What is the success rate of IVF in Greece and egg donation program in Greece and at Assisting Nature? (if you want to know more about the success rates read our article here).
  • How many times do I have to stay at the clinic?
  • How long do I have to stay at the clinic each time?
  • How can I arrange flights and accommodation? Can I get some help?
  • What are IVF in Greece treatment costs?
  • What is the Assisting Nature’s doctors’ experience?
  • Which quality certificates does Assisting Nature have? (find out more about IVF AWARD 2016 Assisting Nature has received for Innovations) and watch the Assisting Nature’s video.
  1. Skype consultation. One or two days after the initial contact, the coordinator makes arrangements for a Skype consultation with one of the doctors available. Have your Skype profile information handy. Finally, the coordinator provides you with her mobile phone number – you can contact her in case you have any other queries, worries or doubts. Following the consultation with the fertility doctor, the coordinator contacts the patient again to discuss needs and expectations.

The clinic’s patients compliment the staff on high quality services and compassionate, discreet, and respectful manner and the staff making patients feel at ease and at home as much as possible. Read the clinic’s reviews.

If you are looking for affordable egg donation program in Greece, check out the complete Assisting Nature’s profile. Start with step 1 and contact the clinic via EggDonationFriends site.



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