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Exclusive Clinic Interview – Clinic EGV, Latvia

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EggDonationFriends have interviewed Dr. Nikita Subnikov, gynaecologist, reproductologist, from fertility centre – Clinic EGV in Riga, Latvia.

Why seek treatment in Latvia?

1. What makes Latvia stand out from other medical destinations?

  • Extensive experience and latest technologies. Clinic EGV was founded in 1998. Our specialists were the first in Latvia to apply auxiliary reproductive technologies that granted the hope of childbirth in cases of infertility, which were previously considered hopeless. The first sperm bank was established in Clinic EGV, which provided unprecedented opportunities for medicinal fertilization. Today we are still dominating in treatment of fertility disorders and medicinal fertility, by utilizing all the acclaimed latest tools and techniques. The extensive experience of the physicians allows us to be confident about the result even in the most complex situations.
  • Latvia – perfect place to relax & rest. With over 500 km of coastline, Latvia has numerous beaches. There’s space for everyone, whether you want to have fun in the sun or enjoy miles of sand, and best thing that it’s all open to the public. Forests cover over half of the territory, making Latvia a very green place. Riga is the largest city in the Baltics, providing attractions for every taste. With over 800 Art Nouveau buildings, Riga has one of the world’s greatest galleries of this joyful style. It is a great tourist and popular IVF and egg donation treatment destination.
  • Latvia – easy to connectLatvia is a Wi-Fi paradise. It has the world’s fourth fastest internet connection, and with over 800 free hot points in Riga, you can be in touch with friends and family and it’s free.

2. What are the standards of treatment in Latvia?

Clinic EGV is providing state-funded fertility treatment procedures, which confirm the trust of the government. The Clinic EGV is annually qualifying for the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which ensures strict compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards. The clinic’s fertility experts are proud that so many patients have trust and confidence in their treatment. There is nothing more important than this trust. Clinic EGV staff observe all the conditions of confidentiality. The fertility clinic uses the world’s leading technologies and the latest equipment, which ensures maximum efficiency of reproductive health diagnosis, care and treatment.

  • From which countries do your international patients come? Please specify the country name along with the average percentage of international patients from each country. Sweden 48%, Norway 14%, Lithuania 20%, the UK 12%, Denmark 2%, Estonia 1%, Ireland 1%, Italy 1%, Spain 1%.
  • Do patients expect treatment to be in their native language? Yes, especially patients who speak Russian and English. Those patients are treated in their mother tongue.
  • What percentage of patients from abroad are treated in their native language? About 20%.
  • In which languages do you offer treatment to international patients? Clinic EGV team speaks Latvian, Russian, and English.
  • How long do patients need to wait for donor eggs? Treatment process is carried out based on the individual plan for each patient. Patients who live outside the Republic of Latvia can contact the foreign patient coordinator to find out the exact waiting time.

By what criteria do patients choose treatment in Latvia as opposed to e.g. the Czech Republic? The positive treatment results and great experts. We are proud of the high egg donation success rates at Clinic EGV. Our success rate is 56% but average in Europe – only 32%. We have even performed IVF for a 55-year-old female patient with success. The patient had a beautiful baby girl. At Clinic EGV you will be treated by experienced doctors like embryologist Daina Majore who has been awarded by Latvian Government with the Order of Three Stars for her achievements in development of Embryology.

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Treatment range

  • Do you offer Egg donation – fresh eggs? Yes.
  • Do you offer Egg donation – frozen eggs? Yes.
  • Do you offer IVF for single women? Yes.
  • Do you offer IVF for same sex parents? Yes.
  • Do you offer sex selection/family balancing? No.
  • Do you offer sperm donation? Yes, we have been running our sperm bank since 2000. It was the first sperm bank in Latvia.
  • Do you offer embryo donation? Yes.
  • Do you offer surrogacy? No, it is not allowed in Latvia.
  • Do you offer PGS – chromosome screening? Yes.
  • Do you offer PGD – single gene diagnosis? Yes.

    Costs & success rates

  • What do you think about the standard price of services provided in Latvia, in comparison to other countries? We have the best price among the neighbouring countries and we are honest to our patients. Clinic EGV provide transparent price policy.
  • Is success rate data monitored? By whom? Yes, it is monitored by State Agency of Medicines of the Republic of Latvia, European Data on Tissues, Haematopoietic Stem Cells and Reproductive Cells (EUROCET), and European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).
  • What do you think about treatment success rates in Latvia? How you think success rates might be improved? We offer fair professional medical advice and the latest treatments of the highest standards. We are proud to say the efficiency in certain age groups reaches 56% – one of the best indexes in Europe. These results continue to improve. In many areas we have the highest efficiency!


  • Are there any associations or legislative bodies governing, overseeing or monitoring the quality of IVF clinics in Latvia? The State Agency of Medicines of Latvia ensures inspection of compliance and licensing for tissue centres. The State Agency of Medicines of Latvia is a State institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Which procedures may be legally performed in your country? (Please specify which are legal and which are not.) Legal procedures are:
    Egg donation (anonymous),
    Sperm donation (anonymous),
    No age limit for IVF treatment.
  • Not legal procedures:
    Non-anonymous egg donation,
    Non-anonymous sperm donation,
  • Are there any legal limitations to treatment (e.g., a woman’s age, marital status, a maximum number of embryos transferred in one cycle, etc.) There is no limit to female and male patients age. Clinic EGV also accepts married heterosexual couples, not married heterosexual couples and single women. Maximum number of embryos transferred in one cycle – not more than 3 embryos.
  • What laws regulate the donation of eggs? These are:
    Medical Treatment Law, Sexual and Reproductive Health Law, Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers:, 1176, No.261, No.716, No.628, 141.EU:
    Directive 2004/23/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    Directive 2006/17/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    Directive 2006/86/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    Directive  2012/39/ES of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    Directive  2015/565 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

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