Egg Donation in Barbados?

Barbados is an island country 34 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide, covering an area of 432 square kilometres. It can be found in the Lesser Antilles. It is localized in the western area of the North Atlantic. It surely is a paradise-like localization so if you are looking for an IVF treatment in heavenly surroundings it would be a good choice. There is a large airport on Barbados the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport. You can get there from USA, Canada and UK. If you are looking for accommodation there are lots of cheap guest houses and more expensive apartments. When it comes to laws and regulations, embryo freezing is permitted and there are no legal limitations on the amount of embryos being transferred. Treatments are also available for same sex couples. Like in a lot of other countries the law on artificial reproduction is still in an early stage so most procedures are just in the legal ‘grey area’. It is recommended to contact a lawyer to go through the regulations which could influence your particular case. Costs of IVF treatments on Barbados are between 4500$-6500$