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Egg Donation in Mexico?

Mexico is located in the North America. It is bordered with United States, Guatemala, Belize and also by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Mexico has an amazing coastline of 10,000 kilometres which on the east includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and on the west the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is a very popular tourist location, actually it is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world.  With access to the Pacific and Caribbean Sea, with pyramids, museums and wonderful food it really is no surprise that it is so popular.
Getting to Mexico by plane is widely available. From USA there are hundreds of flights daily. You can get there with no problems also from Europe and Australia. When you are looking for a place to stay in Mexico you really have almost unlimited options. All the chains of the most famous hotels, standard tourist hotels and boutique hotels. There is literally something for everyone if it comes to accommodation.Important! – some governments warn about certain areas in Mexico which could be controlled by crime groups so make sure you choose a place with a good and safe reputation.
There is a couple of key law policies controlling the assisted reproduction in Mexico. Those laws are: the General Health Law and Regulation of the General Health Law on Scientific Health Research. Egg donation is permitted under some guidelines. PGD is not regulated by law. Surrogacy is allowed but altruistic only.
The cost of IVF treatment is somewhere between 4000-5000 $ but you can get all inclusive offers of IVF with donor eggs for about 10 000$.

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