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Egg Donation in Poland?

Poland is a country in the East-Central Europe. Due to low prices and experienced, well equipped clinics, many infertile couples decide to start their treatment there. In Poland there is no legal regulations concerning IVF and egg or sperm donation. Most of clinics have this procedures among their offer. Patients who wish to start their IVF egg donation program in Poland can expect good quality of services. Usually you do not need to wait for a proper donor, as many clinics run oocyte banks of their own. In the biggest cities the clinics offer various programs – with fresh and frozen eggs. In some of them you can have eggs from one donor exclusively for you. Average effectiveness of egg donation programs is around 50-60%. Most popular destination is Warsaw, Gdansk, Lodz and Bialystok, where many experienced clinics are based. Poland has also an interesting historical background and many places worth visiting. Warsaw, the capitol city of Poland has beautiful center and many monuments. In Gdansk you can enjoy sunbathing, sailing or swimming as there is really nice sea side and admire beautiful architecture of this city. Other cities also offer tourist many attractions. People of Poland are friendly and tolerant. Prices are usually lower than the prices in the other European countries. The currency is polish zloty (0.2 Euro).

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