IVF CLINIC AWARD 2017 – best IVF clinics in the world soon to be awarded

Every 1st March EggDonationFriends.com reveals the IVF CLINIC AWARD winner clinics. Annually we receive hundreds of applications from top IVF clinics in the world, best IVF agencies and best egg banks offering some of the top IVF and egg donation programs worldwide.

IVF CLINIC AWARDS – 2017 – WINNERS – see more >>>

The fourth edition of IVF CLINIC AWARDS 2017 is now officially open. We accept applications from the best IVF clinics in the world. The entrants need to complete and sign the application form providing the necessary info for the EggDonationFriends jury panel to assess their clinic. After careful analysis of all the applications the EggDonationFriends panel will select one winner in each category:

  • IVF Agency of the Year
  • Egg Bank of the Year
  • Intimacy & Care
  • IVF PGD/PGS Program
  • IVF Program
  • Innovations
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Customer Service & Communications
  • Egg Donation Program
  • Sperm Bank of the Year

Being recognized with the IVF CLINIC AWARD is beneficial not only for the fertility centres themselves. It is also a guiding beacon for fertility patients who are willing to travel in search of the best IVF treatment in the world. By “best” we mean clinics, agencies and egg banks that have positive feedback from patients, best clinic reviews, offer outstanding customer-centred approach and perform best treatment in their field.

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Top 10 IVF clinics in the world – throwback on last year

The IVF CLINIC AWARD 2016 was given in nine categories to infertility centres and egg/sperm banks that are considered by patients and our experts the best places for IVF in the world – they have showed that they are characterized by complexity of their offer, efficiency, focus on the patient and innovations in fertility treatment.

The winners of the IVF CLINIC AWARD 2016 were:

  • Instituto Bernabeu – the Spain-based institute was awarded IVF Agency of the Year in recognition of its high ethical standards practiced in doctors’ daily work.
  • First Egg Bank – this Belgian egg bank has one of the broadest offers of frozen eggs from donors of various phenotypes and egg donors ready immediately for fresh cycle. Apart from that, the bank offers cryoshipment of biomaterials such as oocytes or sperm samples.
  • Ferticentro IVF Spain – this Portuguese clinic has won the hearts of patients and EggDonationFriends experts by their out-of-the-box approach to patient intimacy & care. The clinic accepts single women and same sex parents and exhibits exceptional commitment of its staff.
  • British Cyprus IVF Hospital – recognized by EggDonationFriends for their IVF Program where if the pregnancy is not achieved after 3 IVF egg donation cycles, the hospital refunds the treatment costs borne by the patient.
  • Assisting Nature – the IVF clinic from Greece was awarded for its innovative solutions in IUI, ICSI, time-lapse embryo culture and many others.
  • ReproGenesis – awarded last year for Personalized Treatment. The clinic’s focus on the patients’ needs bears fruit in better treatment results.
  • Barcelona IVF – the Spanish clinic was awarded for high quality customer service and communication standards. Having on board an impressive number of staff (customer service and midwifes) the centre provides smooth and flawless doctor-patient communication and care.
  • IVF Spain – was awarded in two categories: for best Egg Donation program and affordable, low-risk and accurate PGD/PGS services. The doctors’ motto is “minimal harm to the embryo.”

The IVF CLINIC AWARDs 2017 are approaching and we welcome applications from the last editions’ winners as well as new IVF clinics, IVF agencies and egg banks. Good luck to all!

To find affordable and efficient fertility treatment, you can browse the most popular IVF destinations in Europe and choose the best place for IVF in the world that suits your needs and budget. The more thought and research you put into the selecting and analyzing the clinics’ offer, the more relaxed you might feel during the entire treatment process.


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  1. I am 42 years old and my AMH is 0/03 and I married three times, I was once EP and I lost my left tube … despite the use of fertility drugs such as letrozole and clomiphene, and the right tube and the presence of one to I did not get pregnant in the dominant follicle. I got the pump, the follicles were absent. I live in Iran and I do not have much expense for treatment and time is very sensitive to you. Please inquire.

    • Hi Niki,
      We’re sorry to hear that you have had so many complications on your fertility journey. Our International Patient Coordinators will contact you in a private message to find out more about your expectations and suggest the best clinic and treatment that could help you.

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