The IVF Clinic Awards 2016 – the Winners

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Today we are proud and excited to announce the winners of the third edition of the IVF Clinic AWARDS. Since 2014 we have been rewarding the best fertility institutions in the field. Our goal is to promote top quality medical practices and dynamize competition. More and more clinics, egg banks, fertility agencies and doctors recognize the IVF Clinic Award as a prestigious award in the field.

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More than a hundred of fertility clinics applied in this edition. The jury carefully studied the applications and selected the winners. They are announced on every year on 1st March. This year the awards are presented in 9 categories.

Who are the winners this year?

Egg Donation Friends would like to congratulate all the winners! We believe that the successful participants will benefit from the Award in many ways, for example:

  1. The winners are in a small group of elite institutions. This shows the patients that the clinic provides A1 quality treatment.
  2. The clinics can build and strengthen their reputation.
  3. It motivates and increases the morale of the staff. The award shows that their hard work is recognized and that all the staff should be proud of working at such an awarded workplace.
  4. The clinics are recognized internationally – yes, the IVF Clinic AWARD is an international award!

How do we choose the winners?

The IVF Award is an opportunity for patients to speak about the quality and standards of fertility treatments in various clinics and countries. The jury takes into consideration patient feedback and chooses one winner per each category. Only the clinic providing exceptional services and having outstanding feedback from patients can be awarded. The winner clinics have already received official confirmation of the award and a certificate translated into two languages – English and their clinic’s mother tongue, they are also entitled to use the award’s logotype in their own promotional activities.

Stay with us because soon you will be able to find out more about the winners. Every week we will publish an article about one of the winners. Stay tuned for more photos and videos from the clinics!